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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fire Drill @ Gardens South Tower

Yesterday, 19 May 2011. I am suppose to attend training on the Equity Valuation Methologies organised by CPA Australia. Venue of the training was in CPA Australia office at The Gardens South Tower. By 8.00am I've reached the lobby and sit on the big sofa there. I'm so sleepy. huhu...

8.15am I've called my colleagues and they were at the McDonald having their breakfast there. I decided to go in Mid Valley and join them. Along the way to McD, I saw event management team busy all around to setup the Pirates of Caribbean 'booth' roadshow for HSBC and Malaysia Airlines at the Centre Court, GF. They want to promote their credit card and air flight services respectively.

Nice ya?

Aku kaya!!!! Ini emas aku yg punya!

After bought Milo from McD, we go in to CPA office for registration. Unfortunately, after signed for the attendance we've instructed to go down back since the South Tower will have the FIRE DRILL training... Hoho....  [This is considered my 2nd time experience of Fire Drill at other people office area. Previously at Bangsar South.]

We've to wait for about 2 hours for them to finished the training. So, we had 2 in 1 training today ya. It is great? The actual training only start at 11.00am.

Assembly Area (between Mid Valley & The Gardens)

Snap while waiting for the assembly done

2 in 1 training
Fire Drill and Equity Valuation

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