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Friday, April 02, 2010

FabuLOVE Giveaway


Now, I was addicted to join all the contest and giveaway organised by the Malaysian blogger.
And, this is the 2nd giveaway I joined for this month.

So, for those who loves to join all this kind of giveaway and have not join yet, please do click on the picture above and join it!
The giveaway was nice and cute. I can give MinMin the Bear Bear to my Baby, Aisy! So sweet...

2 komen:

ezyane said...


Thanks for joining my Fabulove Giveaway. I'm here to read your post. :)

Good luck


FaNaQiLa said...

Hi ezyane!
At last u review jgk my entry on this Fabulove Giveaway. TQ so much.

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