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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pariss Hotel, Nusajaya JOHOR

I'm sure all knowing that I'm currently away from KL / Puchong. I'm in Johor Land since last Monday for my audit fieldwork. These two (2) days I had spend my quality time with family and my little Aisy. Later I'll what we did over this weekend. Just wait!

Here, some of the photos capture at Pariss Hotel.

-Deluxe King Room-

The Bed!

The Sink!

The Shower Room!

TV and Working Table!

Symbolic Frame and the Wardrobe!

Mirror! Mirror! Mirror!

Toilet Bowl!

Symbol "P"

Price quite reasonable. RM148 per night (inclusive breakfast for 2pax) for this room.

But, I've got a few comments here:
1] No bell boy
2] No newspaper sent to every rooms
3] Same breakfast menu everyday! (Fried Rice, Fried Mee, Sausage, Baked Bean, Traditional Kuih / Sponge Cake, Cornflakes and Coco Crunch, Sambal, Boil Egg and last Nescafe from Vending Machine)
4] Wi-Fi should be ok, it is just that I cannot access to Facebook!
5] Lamp switching and menthol problem
6] No fridge

Orait then! That's all.

5 komen:

IxoR@ said...

environment bilik hotel dah ok tapi kena tengOk gak kan service2 yg lain.....

but still ok for me...

Mommy Aisy said...

tula dear. servis2 lain pun kena amik kira. tapi sbnrnya i pun ok je. janji selesa. now pun da 7 mlm i stay cni.

KiMiE said...

cam kenal mangkuk jamban tersebut....

CathJ said...

tengah meronda nak cari hotel near by nusajaya... found your blog.. thank you for the info...

bulb/menthol problem... aikss I tak suka... ~.@

Mommy Aisy said...

Hi CathJ!

Hope all those info given helps u a lot. Wink!~

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